Terms and conditions of sale

Terms and conditions of delivery

If no specific delivery method is agreed upon when placing the order, the goods are sent by post. The goods are packaged carefully in a manner approved by the Swedish postal service. The customer is responsible for checking the goods carefully on receipt. Any damage that occurs during transport must be reported immediately to us and the transport company.

Unclaimed packages

Shipping and return shipping, as well as a handling charge (20 per cent of the price of the part) are charged for unclaimed packages. Shipping costs are charged for packages that are not collected.


Used car parts may be returned within 14 days of the delivery date. The date in question is confirmed in the delivery documentation. The right to return does not apply to electrical components, ignition boxes, sparkplugs, indicator stalks and other electronic equipment. A copy of the invoice and a completed return form must always be attached to the goods. Goods returned without documentation are not processed. The customer pays the return shipping themselves. If the return is due to a bad or defective item of negligent delivery, no deduction is made for shipping. If this is the case, please contact us first.


A 90-day guarantee applies to engines, gearboxes, rear axles.
A 30-day guarantee applies to other parts.

The guarantee commitment covers replacement of the used part with an equivalent part. If there is no guarantee commitment, the money is refunded upon presentation of proof of purchase.

The Direct Car Parts Guarantee applies to some parts. See the links below:
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Card payment

Card payments takes place in partnership with CertiTrade, which guarantees that the customer’s card details can only be read by the payment and banking system, no one else. Fogas AB store no information that concerns payment details. Payments via CertiTrade payment exchange involve the highest level of security. CertiTrade’s online transfers take place in accordance with bank standards, with SSL technology and 128-bit encryption. No card details are stored by the seller. We comply with the distance selling act and when paying by card the purchase amount is reserved on your card. We accept Eurocard, Visa and Mastercard. There are no additional charges when paying by card. The payment guarantee does not apply to Diners and American Express and some foreign business cards connected to Visa and MasterCard.