• Allbildelar

    is the first car recycling company in Stockholm to offer a Direct vehicle parts guarantee on used parts.

  • Mechanical parts

    The guarantee covers mechanical parts such as engines, gearboxes and electronic components.

  • The guarantee

    covers faulty parts and the cost of fitting and replacing these, which offers you a great deal of security as a buyer.


Direct car parts guarantee

We provide a Direct car parts guarantee on the parts in Lagabasen and Bildelsbasen that are marked with a guarantee symbol. The guarantee covers moving parts such as engines, gearboxes and electronic components. The parts are a maximum of 15 years old or have been used for a maximum of 200,000 km.

We call our parts with a guarantee “Green Parts”. A Green Part is a used part of A-rated quality that is sold by a car recycler who is a member of SBR (the Swedish Car Recyclers Association). The guarantee is valid for 12 months or 10,000 km and covers both the part and the labour costs involved in fitting and replacement. The guarantee complies with the terms and conditions drawn up by MRF (the Swedish Association for Motor Retail Trades and Repairs).

Full terms and conditions and a list of Green Parts can be found at www.sbrservice.se


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