Used car parts and spare parts

Only parts that cannot be used are scrapped

Our environmental policy is the focus of our business. Everything is used and sold on. As a customer, you save money by avoiding buying new and the car parts get used again. We only scrap what cannot be used. Used car parts are sold on via This is where we work together with car recyclers from all over Sweden in order to meet your needs quickly and easily.

Find what you are looking for

When searching the database, click on the car model and part you need. If you can’t find it, you can email, fax or call us for further information or to order the part. It is important that you make a note of the stock number of the part.

You can also search in the databases ofe och Click on the links to do so. The search boxes open in a new window so you can get back here quickly and simply when you have found what you are looking for. At you can order an pay for your car part in our online store. All parts that have the   symbol can be ordered.