• Damage appraisal

    Following an inspection of the damage, we make a digitalised damage appraisal via Wincabas that is then sent to the insurance company.

  • Damage inspections

    Our staff are trained to conduct damage inspections, which means that the insurance company does not need to send their staff, saving both time and money.


Damage service

Allbildelar currently receives about 1000 cars per year directly from salvage companies. We are now expanding our business in order to be able to handle more vehicles damaged in crashes. Our staff are trained to conduct damage inspections. Salvage companies have keys and can drop off cars around the clock. Insurance companies no longer need to send out staff, saving both time and money.

The goal is to sign agreements with all insurance companies so that we can quickly and simply deal with all incoming cars, regardless of make, insurance company and type of damage. We also help to remove personal belongings and use the computer program Wincabas to make damage appraisals for the insurance companies


Insurance companies we work with