• Important environmental efforts

    A worn-out vehicle is drained of all environmentally hazardous liquids and then dismantled into its constituent parts.

  • Only the best is saved

    The dismantled parts are inspected to determine their quality. Whole and complete parts are washed, registered and packaged for sale.

  • Responsible Car Recycling

    If you choose to leave your car with Allbildelar, you know that it will be taken care of by competent staff and that the recycling will take place in accordance with legal requirements, the manufacturers’ instructions and with consideration for the environment.


Scrap your car


From 1 June 2007, new regulations apply to the scrapping of worn-out cars. The system of scrappage fees and premiums was done away with and the car scrappage fund wound up.

Regulations concerning producer responsibility for cars and car scrappage operations from 1 June 2007

Among other things, these regulations mean that handing in your worn-out car to the producer or their representative will always be free of charge. Car producers are those who professionally manufacture cars in Sweden or professionally import cars into Sweden. According to law, producers are responsible for establishing reception centres. You can also hand in your car to a scrapyard that is not connected to the vehicle producers. They are not obliged to accept your car free of charge.

When you hand in your car to an authorised scrapyard, you have to provide identification and the yellow part (part 2) of the latest registration certificate. A power of attorney is required if someone else hands in the car. When you hand in your car, you have to sign a reception certificate. This is then sent to Swedish Transport Administration by the producer or scrapyard.